Costa Rica Marriage Requirements

Getting legally married in Costa Rica is an easy, straightforward process. No minimal waiting period, no blood tests, no complicated paperwork. Weddings Costa Rica works with the top wedding lawyers in the country who are renowned not only for their flawless paperwork but also for their moving, personalized ceremonies.

The lawyer will send you a simple questionnaire a couple of months before the wedding to fill out and send back with a scanned copy of your photo/info page from your passport. You will also need two witnesses (other than family members). No witnesses? No worries, as Weddings Costa Rica will supply the necessary people to serve and sign as your witnesses.

At the wedding, the lawyer will have you sign an affidavit, in which you swear you are legally free to marry. This affidavit precludes the need for a certificate of civil status, authenticated by the Costa Rican embassy in your home country. After the ceremony, the lawyer will file the paperwork with the Civil Registry then have it translated into English by an official translator , authenticated by your country's consulate in Costa Rica and sent to your home. This process can take up to six weeks. Once you receive the papers, take them to your local civil registry office to register your marriage abroad.

Prefer to have a pastor, rabbi or family friend perform the ceremony? No problem. The lawyer need only witness the ceremony and have you sign the paperwork afterwards to make the marriage legal.

  • Catholic Weddings
  • Due to the plethora of paperwork and requirements to have a Catholic wedding mass as well as the Church's reluctance to marry non-parishoners, Weddings Costa Rica does not offer this service. We are able to offer a blessing by a Catholic priest (when available).

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